For Patients

How can these medications be offered with a zero copay?
Where do these medications come from?
What distinguishes medications from the United States and those from international sources?
Will the Guardian Scripts program replace our current prescription benefit plan?
Do I have to use Guardian Scripts for all my brand-name medications?
How do I enroll?
Why is an enrollment form required?
How long is the enrollment process?
Do I need to call Guardian Scripts for refills?
What is the return policy?
How is my safety ensured?
Do you offer generic medications?
Why might a medication not be available?
Are there alternative medications available?
Why must I fill a new medication locally first?
Can I speak to a pharmacist with questions about my medications?
Who covers the shipping costs?
What is the standard shipping time?
Do I need to sign for my package?
Are personal requests permitted?
What if my doctor cannot provide a written prescription?
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