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RX Sourcing solutions

Laboratory Research

Healthcare technology solutions for the most complex conditions.

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Self-Funded Employer Groups

Guardian Scripts partners with employers to assess excessive spending on brand-name and specialty medications, identifying potential cost-saving opportunities through sourcing solutions from both US hospitals and Canadian pharmacies.

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Benefit Advisors

Guardian Scripts collaborates with benefit advisors to navigate the complexities of specialty drug spending, proposing stackable mail-delivery solutions that enhance accessibility and affordability for both plan sponsors and members.

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Third Party Adminstrators

Guardian Scripts helps TPAs craft personalized solutions to address cost-containment challenges and concerns according to their clients' needs.

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Transforming Healthcare Economics for Business Growth

Unlock wasteful spend with a complimentary Guardian Scripts Savings Assessment. Identify a 30-60% reduction in brand-name and specialty prescription spending, liberating valuable resources to shape a healthier bottom line. Seize the chance to optimize your healthcare finances and reinvest in the growth of your company.

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Member Engagement

Improving Health, Productivity and Organizational Savings

Our innovative program ensures zero out-of-pocket expenses for employees and their dependents, enabling affordable access to brand-name medications. Through promotion of medication adherence, we encourage a healthier and more productive workforce where well-being thrives and savings empower both individuals and the entire organization.

Prescriber Management

Enhancing Chronic Care with Virtual Pharmacist Consultations

Guardian members managing one or multiple medications for chronic conditions benefit from virtual consultations with clinical pharmacists, fostering collaborative efforts with primary care providers and leading to improved health outcomes. Our integrated approach improves drug safety and access management serving as a protective shield, proactively preventing issues before they arise, fortifying patient care and minimizing associated risks.

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Seamless Medication Delivery

A Zero-Cost Medication Program for Employees

Guardian Scripts prioritizes convenience by offering free prescription delivery, complete with temperature-sensitive containers, ensuring the integrity of medications. Our dedicated help desk assists with delivery coordination, tracking updates and expedited refill services for a hassle-free experience.

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