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Guardian Scripts RX Savings

Self-funded employers

Your Shield Against Soaring Pharmacy Costs!

Guardian Scripts partners with employers to evaluate excessive overspending on specific brand-name and specialty medications, identifying avenues for savings without altering plan benefits.

If your self-funded pharmacy plan is bundled with your medical coverage or if you've directly contracted with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), chances are you're overspending by around 20%-35% annually. For the substantial investment you're making you deserve price transparency to hold partners accountable and make cost-informed decisions for the health of your plan without limiting benefits, worrying about catastrophic specialty claims blowing your budget, or raising stop-loss premiums.

Whether it is a single high-cost treatment or frequently prescribed medications like Stelara, Skyrizi, Humira, or GLP-1 (i.e., Mounjaro, Ozempic, and Wegovy), Guardian Scripts can guarantee savings for both the plan and employees.

Above all, our committed team of advocates and pharmacists oversee all aspects of patient care and experience, ensuring a seamless journey from enrollment to medication management, clinical support, and real-time assistance for benefit managers and members.

While your trusted employee benefits advisor, broker, consultant, or TPA will continue to oversee our relationship with you, our primary commitment revolves around assisting individuals like you in realizing substantial pharmacy savings.

Guardian Scripts Alternative RX Sourcing Advantages

  • Reduced costs, stronger balance sheet and a healthier workforce.
  • Aligned interests with full price transparency including our fees.
  • Robust communication plans to promote employee participation.
  • Pharmacological care to improve health outcomes.

30-60% Plan Savings

$0 employee copayment

Free prescription mail delivery

Ensuring Utmost Convenience for Plan Members

  • Enjoy complimentary standard delivery, including specialized cold-chain packaging.
  • Experience seamless refills for eligible medications, automatically handled.
  • Access affordable medication prices tailored to your specific benefit plan.
Benefit Advisors

Empower Your Clients with Unprecedented Savings and Service Excellence

Brand-name and specialty drugs offer revolutionary, occasionally life-saving solutions for intricate, chronic, and rare diseases. However, for self-funded employers carrying the financial weight of these prescriptions, the steep costs and the subsequent increases in stop-loss premium rates, pose significant challenges.

To effectively navigate pharmacy claims and administer health plans, benefit advisors need to adopt a multifaceted approach. This involves addressing both the expenditure on specialty drugs and the associated volatility. The objective is to prioritize the well-being of patients by enhancing the accessibility and affordability of specialty drugs for both individuals and plan sponsors.

Guardian Scripts offers clients a unique home delivery savings program through strategic partnerships with trusted Canadian pharmacies and US-based URAC-accredited specialty pharmacies within health systems, saving employers between 30% - 60% annually and eliminating plan member copayments.

Third Party administrators

Saving Lives, Saving Costs: Your Brand-Name Medications, Now Affordable.

At Guardian Scripts, we recognize the pivotal role third-party administrators play in facilitating pharmacy benefits for employers. Our mission is to provide affordable pharmacy solutions for brand name medications that seamlessly integrate with the current plan, offering flexibility, scalability, and exceptional ease of management.

In today's competitive landscape, prioritizing client satisfaction and member health is paramount for third-party administrators. This entails effectively managing costs while ensuring quality care—a task made increasingly challenging by traditional pharmacy arrangements with their inherent limitations and impersonal service.

Guardian Scripts distinguishes itself by sourcing brand name and specialty medications from Tier 1 countries such as Canada and US health systems to deliver 30%–60% in savings for plans and zero-copay for their members. We understand that strategies like increasing deductibles or excluding drug classes are no longer an ethical option in the face of rising pharmaceutical costs.

Our team understands your requirements as well as those of your clients, and we stand ready to assist you in implementing a sustainable, high-quality pharmacy program that can be tailored to meet the needs of your clients and their members.

Guardian Scripts Benefits

  • Comprehensive education and outreach to plan members through various channels.
  • Convenient at-home medication delivery, including cold-chain shipping.
  • Substantial savings on brand-name and specialty medications for plans.
  • Actionable insights and data to continuously enhance plan benefits.
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